Navi Mumbai

Govt. please act!

Earth Day greetings from Sri Ekavira Aai Pratishtan - NGO fighting for the cause of environment.

We would like to draw your attention to an imminent danger of another ecological disaster with reckless destruction of hills and mangroves in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

  • After destroying the Parsik Hills, reckless quarrying has reached Uran. Hills have begun to disappear. Quarrying norms in CIDCO area are already violated. Over 264.1 hectares has been mined against permissible 138.07 hectares, says forest dept. Still new permission given.
  • Debris, garbage being dumped in creeks to kill mangroves and reclaim area for construction.
  • Mangrove planting scam. Of over 93,000 saplings over 21 acres in Manori, only 20% barely survived. At Charkop, of 86,400 saplings hardly 5% survived.
  • Pl visit Charkop or Manori to see mangrove tragedy. Pl see plundering of hills in Thane-Belapur belt & Uran. Pl intervene. Save MMR.
  • We support #BoomCityDoomCity campaign by PRCI.

Greens ask Govt, builders to save hills, mangroves

Raising yet another alarm against all round environment degradation, activists have asked the state and local governments to work together to maintain ecological balance while undertaking development projects.

Pointing out that the reckless quarrying of Parsik Hills for stone chips for the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) has dealt an irreparable damage to the once picturesque range, environment NGO Shree Ekavira Aai Pratishtan (SEAP) and communicators body Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) have  called for finding out alternative sites.

“Development is must to meet the rising demands of urbanization, but we should ensure that environment is protected at the same time,” they said in a joint communiqué to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.


75%  of wetland filled, ‘Mangrove Warrior’ complains

In a missive to Konkan Divisional Commissioner, the High Court appointed authority to check mangrove protection, NGO Shree Ekvira Aai Pratishtan (SEAP) has drawn his attention to massive destruction of wetlands.

“Your urgent intervention in needed since, despite hon'ble Mumbai high court order, reclamation still continues,” SEAP head Nandakumar Pawar said.


The Nature Connect joins Divyaang show

NAVI MUMBAI:  A unique show by Divyaangs will be held at Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium on Sunday with focus on nature care.
The programme, called Sang Divyaang (In company of Divyaang), will feature messages for protecting the environment, caring for the nature and the importance of Swachh Bharat campaign, apart from other key social messages, said Geeta Poduval founder of NGO Drzya which is organizing the event.
Environment campaign group The Nature which is supporting the event aims to spread awareness about the need to connect the people with the environment, said activist B N Kumar. NMMC Commissioner Dr Ramaswami N, Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Kumar and Director General of Audit Alka Rehani Bharadwaj will the guests of honour.
Apart from entertaining, the artists from across the country will present inspirational musical dance performance. Another unique feature of the interactive programme is that the amazing performances have connect with the audience, Geeta said. Epitome Kurries and Legacy Finvest are also supporting the programme.
Drzya has been conducting Divyaang events pan-India, apart from training the differently abled in focusing on their talent and skills, winning accolades. A sample of their programme can be seen at:
Geeta, a motivational speaker and former government audit officer, has won a series of awards for her unique achievements. 
Among the performers at Vashi will be: Javed Choudhary – Pune’s one-legged key member of Indian para-basketball team, marathoner and dancer;  Yogesh – mobility challenged National and State level bodylifting champion from Agra and a soulful dancer;  Swapnil Patil – Visually challenged academic achiever and a perfect dancer ; Aangikalaa – An inclusive dance group from New Delhi and Akash – a dancer with one hand.